So if you like to share other people’s art from deviantART on this site, I have something to show you



First, make sure your artist hasn’t expressed anything like this:


Because if you see that it really makes more fucking sense to just click on the link and reblog the art from the artist’s blog.

Okay, if you’ve checked for any links like that and you don’t see any, go to the top right-hand corner of the screen.


Look at that, they have a handy share option! If there isn’t one of these, it means the artist’s hid it on purpose and therefore probably doesn’t want you posting their art on other websites, so you should leave it alone. If there is one, click on the section with the Tumblr logo.

A little window like this should pop up:


Now click the “create post” button.

When you visit your dashboard, you should see something like this:


Check out those circled areas - deviantART’s done you the favor of sourcing that shit not once, but twice! How handy is that. 

Now that I’ve shown you this fantastic tool, I fully expect you to use it when you’re posting dA art here! If you don’t, you’re a fucking asshole. Although if you didn’t know about this before, there’s still no fucking reason why you couldn’t have just added a link to the original art yourself and given credit to the original artist, is there?

If I post something on DA, chances are I will add a “Please don’t repost, but you can reblog from here” link. I don’t mind people using the share function on DA when I don’t do this, but please don’t repost my artwork on ANY SITE including Tumblr, especially without a source and credit.